Author: Holly Noon

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

Please understand that it is a movement, not a moment, and to defeat racism everyone in America needs to come together in a united front to combat the issue head-on. The leadership of the United States sets the tone of the people’s actions and the political climate towards race. The President’s job is to ensure that they are the president of all the people, to do what is best for everyone.

I want you as the reader to walk away having a more holistic view of what makes up not only the Black experience in America but understanding that when these issues are being discussed it’s not a personal attack on you as a person, it’s more of an approach to open your eyes that your comradery is needed and vital to eradicating racism.

I want to provide lists, actions, and recommendations on ways to better inform yourself of the topics related to racism and people of color. The main objective of this book is to raise awareness of the behaviors and thinking that contribute to racism in America.

Actions One Can Take To Be An Anti-Racist

Here are recommendations on how we can combat the systemic issues that have plagued our society:

From a personal perspective

From a Corporate/Organizational perspective

From a community perspective