By Holly Noon

Let me start off by saying a planner fanatic is writing this article and when I say fanatic that means I have been buying and utilizing planners for 20+ years. I genuinely love and get excited for a beautifully designed planner with stickers!

I remember in 4th grade loving the fact I had a school planner to write in and anxiously waiting every school year after that for the next one. In college, I would buy the school designed planners and as I became a working professional I have used planners from a variety of brands.  I realized I have been using planners for so long I really cannot go without one at this point.

I contribute much of my success for achieving my personal and professional goals linked to using a planner to keep me focused, organized, and motivated. As a mom, entrepreneur, and professional I love using a planner to keep me on task as it relates to my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Using a planner has helped me set goals and keep track of commitments much more efficiently.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider incorporating a planner into your life this week:

These are only a few of the benefits of keeping a planner, but I highly recommend incorporating some type of planner usage in your life if you are looking to stay organized and improve productivity. I love planners so much I created my own that incorporates goal-setting, daily and weekly planning, and journaling space that is for sale on Etsy at the link here-

2021 Goals Planner & Gratitude Journal on Etsy