By: Holly Noon, SHRM-CP

My actual LinkedIn profile as of January 2021

Are you in the middle of a job search and want to improve your results on LinkedIn?

As a career coach and human resource professional, I’m constantly on LinkedIn networking, looking for potential candidates, and following certain professionals for their interesting posts.

As I’ve analyzed LinkedIn over the past few years, I’ve come to observe a trend among the top profiles and what makes them appealing to hiring managers, recruiters, and active users of the platform ready to network professionally.

Here are five tips to optimize your LinkedIn so you can get more views this week:

I followed these five tips and saw an immediate increase within the first week in the number of views to my LinkedIn profile.  I went from only 33 views to 125 views within a week.

Email from LinkedIn with the number of views

It only took an hour out of my day to make these minor changes to be ready for any professional opportunities that may come from LinkedIn. I’ve recommended these tips to my clients and they too are getting more interaction from recruiters and other professionals on LinkedIn after following these five tips. Try these tips today!