By: Holly Noon

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business or someone looking for ways to supplement your income then coming up with digital products is for you!

Here are three products you can create, scale, and sell as soon as today!

  1. Create and sell documents in the form of informational pieces (industry reports, manuals, guides) or templates (resumes or checklist). On Etsy for example, I created resume templates and a job preparation checklist which are on sale for $5.

2. Consider offering courses based on your skills or expertise, for instance, I have seen courses on how to use a Cricut for T-shirt design or how to use Canva to make logos. The e-Learning industry is growing with unprecedented momentum and this is the time to sell your own course(s). You have several options in ways to offer a course such as a downloadable one-off course, a downloadable collection of courses, or memberships/subscriptions to a web-based service. I offer resume and LinkedIn courses virtually to jobseekers via Google Meet or Zoom.

3. Advertise professional services based on your skillset and expertise so you can get paid for consulting with an individual or organization on a business matter (taxes or law) or project (software implementation). For example, as a certified human resource professional, I offer career coaching sessions to clients online.  You may have seen online services for web design, consultants, trainers, copywriters, and coaches. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork are a good place to offer your services and make money.

Offering digital products or services online can come with very low startup costs and take little time to get things started. For instance, I created a course with content from an old presentation, so it didn’t take much effort or time to have a new course I offer my clients.

The suggestions listed are just ways I have created additional income for myself from the convenience of my home office!