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Holly Noon

About Holly

Hey, I am Holly Noon

Holly Noon is a BIPOC content creator whose branding around beauty, positivity, inclusiveness, and home organization engages her social media community while producing creative and compelling content.

She is a micro-influencer with spheres of influence, including TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. She composes weekly content related to life hacks as a professional & mom, beauty tips, and home organization inspiration.

She is currently hosting a live Pinterest TV show called “Beauty & Organization” that airs weekly, and she enjoys engaging her audience in the comments.

Holly considers herself a positive influencer who empowers all her followers to embrace their individuality.



Check out my suggestions for a quick, natural makeup routine and product recommendations for healthy skin



My Pinterest incorporates hairstyles, color ideas, and haircare for curly hair



Sharing affordable and stylish home organization decor ideas for every room in your house

Check out my Pinterest! You'll find tons beauty, hair, and organization ideas

life hacks you didn't know you needed

I know what it feels like to want the million dollar look on a budget

Turn to me for ideas on makeup, hair, and home organization. You can save yourself an afternoon of googling because I’ve already done all of that for you. I love makeup, I love finding new ways to take care of my hair, and I love an organized work area and home. 

I make it a point to find home organization ideas for $20 or less, and makeup ideas that are plant-based or organic.


Holly Noon and many others are working together to keep the conversation and momentum going around eradicating systemic racism.  Please sign up for email updates on how you can do your part in this movement!